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As a result of the dust bowl of the 1930s, federal legislation was passed to encourage states to foster locally led resource conservation programs. The PA legislature joined in the application of conservation by passing Act 217, known as Conservation District Law, in 1945. The Mercer County Conservation District was established on March 4, 1957 by proclamation of the Mercer County Board of Commissioners. It was the forty-fifth conservation district established in PA. The Conservation District began official operations on August 6, 1957.  

Mercer County Conservation District will strive to enhance the rural character and economic viability of the County, while protecting our natural resources.  

 - Protect and improve the natural resources throughout the county
 - Guide and assist residents in regulatory compliance
 - Develop and implement conservation education programs  

Jay Russell, Manager
Jennifer Richael, Administrative Assistant  
Robert McDonald, Conservation Technician  
Shawn Hedglin, Conservation Resource Specialist
Jacqueline McCullough, Environmental Education Coordinator 
Larissa Cassano-Hamilton, Watershed Specialist    
Nick Trivelli, Agriculture Conservation Technician 

Board of Directors
James P. Rust, Chair  
Donald A. Koontz, Vice-chair  
Fred J. Brenner, Treasurer  
Timothy McGonigle, Commissioner Director  
Jeremy Albert, Secretary  
Thomas Schaffer, Farmer Director  
Cornelia Sealand, Farmer Director  

Associate Directors
Amy Reeher
Jeff Kremis
Steve Klapec 

Mercer County Commissioners
Matthew B. McConnell, Chairman  
Scott Boyd, Vice-Chairman                Visit Mercer County Government Homepage
Timothy McGonigle

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