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Fox Run Restoration Projects
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Green Projects - Clean Water - Fox Run Restoration Projects
In 1999 Mercer County Conservation District completed an assessment of the impacts of abandoned mine drainage (AMD) on Fox Run.  Fox Run flows southwest from Pine Swamp to Yellow Creek just north of Jackson Center Borough.  It has been impacted by historical mining activities that contributed a significant amount of iron to the stream.  The iron precipitate, known as “Yellow Boy,” manifests itself as an orange sludge-like material that coats the bed of the stream.  This dramatically impacts in-stream aquatic habitat and thus the aquatic food web.  During the assessment, 3 spring discharges were identified and quantified as the primary pollution sources to Fox Run.  After the assessment was completed, Mercer Conservation District sought the treatment expertise of a knowledgeable local group known as Stream Restoration Incorporated (SRI).  SRI, active in the public private partnership success story of treating AMD in the Slippery Rock watershed, became instrumental in securing funding to design and construct two passive wetland treatment facilities that remove a substantial amount of iron from Fox Run.  To complete construction, SRI partnered with Quality Aggregates Incorporated, Urban Wetland Institute, Biomost Incorporated, PA DEP, and two local landowners.  Their efforts will keep a significant amount of iron from entering Fox Run annually and restore the aquatic habitat of the stream.   
For more information on the Fox Run Project visit our partners website

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