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Green Projects - Alternative Energy

Munnell Run Farm Wind Energy Project

In October of 2006 Mercer County Conservation District implemented a small-scale wind energy project at Munnell Run Farm through a PA DEP Energy Harvest Grant.  The project consists of a Bergey 10 kilowatt wind turbine atop a 140-foot guyed lattice tower that generates electricity for use on the farm through the existing utility infrastructure.  In addition, the tower is equipped with a wireless weather station that receives and transmits weather data such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and rainfall every minute of the day.  This information is downloaded and recorded by a dedicated computer for analysis and comparison with wind turbine performance data.  Please contact us for more information relating to the project .
Please View Our Small Wind Energy Pamphlet 

Solar Powered Watering System at Munnell Run Farm
Munnell Run Farm uses another alternative energy to provide water to livestock. In 1995 Mercer County Conservation District installed a solar-powered watering system at the farm. Water is piped from a spring to a 500-gallon holding tank near the Munnell Run Trout Nursery. A 24-volt submersible pump, which is powered by photovoltaic panels, then lifts water to another holding tank located near the wind turbine. Water is then distributed to a rotational grazing system for livestock.  The PV panels are mounted to a rack that tracks the sun throughout the day.  This passive tracking system helps maximize the amount of solar energy that can be harnessed and used to pump water.

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