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Green Projects - Stormwater Runoff Control

Using captured rainwater, once widely practiced .......largely forgotten, until recently
People are once again realizing the value of collecting and reusing rainwater.  Rain water can be captured by the homeowner for reuse with a Rain Barrel.  Rain Barrels provide a source of clean water for outdoor use, help conserve water and minimize the impacts of droughts, and may decrease the intensity of flooding.  With Mercer County averaging over 40 inches of rainfall, an average roof will shed over 14,000 gallons of water during the growing season.  A 0.3 inch rainfall will fill a 55 gallon rain barrel that is connected to your home's downspout.  That's water that can be reused beneficially that isn't rushing into our streams, increasing streambank erosion.  If you are interested in constructing your own rain barrel, please click on the Rain Barrel below for detailed instructions.

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