ShenangoRiver Watershed Brief Introduction
The Shenango River Watershed is shared by the state of Ohio and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The river and its tributaries drain 744 square miles of the counties of Crawford, Mercer, and Lawrence in Pennsylvania, and 285 square miles in Ashtabula, Trumbull, and Mahoning Counties in Ohio.  The river flows through forest, farms, and fields as well as towns and industrial lands.  The 75 mile long river begins in the marshes that are now part of the Pymatuning Reservoir in Crawford County.  From the reservoir, it meanders through Jamestown in Mercer County and is joined by its first tributary, the Little Shenango River, in Greenville.  Another 21 miles downriver, in the body of the Shenango River Lake, it joins with Pymatuning Creek, a major tributary that begins in Ashtabula County, OH.  The Shenango River exits the Shenango River Lake near Sharpsville and travels through the cities of Sharon and Farrell.  It takes a half- mile sojourn into Trumbull County, OH and then travels through West Middlesex before entering Lawrence County, some 60 miles from its origin.  The Neshannock Creek joins the river in New Castle, which is the last major tributary to the Shenango River.  The Shenango River then joins the Mahoning River below New Castle.  The waters are eventually carried by the Beaver River to Rochester, PA where it joins the Ohio River on its way to the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi River. 
Shenango River geoWatershed Trail General Information
When was it Developed:  Winter 2011/ Spring 2012
Who Developed it: Mercer County Conservation District
Was Developed in Cooperation with:  Ashtabula County Soil and Water
 Crawford County Conservation District
 Pymatuning State Park
 Trumbull County Soil and Water
Orangeville Municipality
 Mahoning County Soil and Water
 Lawrence County Conservation District
 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
 PA Game Commission

EarthCache Site List: The SRWT:  Pymatuning Creek Fen (GC3DGBM)
 The SRWT:  Hartstown Swamp (GC3C9A2)
 The SRWT: Sugar Run Sandstone (GC3C81Q)
 The SRWT: Pyma. Creek Berea/ Chadakoin Formations (GC3DPGW)
 The SRWT: Fredonia Artesian Well (GC3D15P)
 The SRWT: Shenango River Oxbow Lake (GC3BYTA)
 The SRWT: Springfield Falls (GC3CCBH)
 The SRWT: Shenango River Big Bend Area (GC3D4EK)
 The SRWT: Shenango River Sharpsville Sandstone (GC3CMNW)
 The SRWT: Shenango Township Esker (GC3D65J)
 The SRWT: McGuffey Drumlin (GC3D13E)
 The SRWT: Big Run Falls (GC3DK0Q)
Requirements to Complete SRWT: 
  To complete the SRWT, the geocacher must answer the questions for each EarthCache site and send them to us at  You can then log that you found the EarthCache site.  We will keep track of who found what at the Mercer County Conservation District office.  Once all 12 locations have been found, the first 100 geocachers to complete the SRWT will receive a geocoin to commemorate their accomplishment.  60 of the geocoins are trackable.  They will be available for pick up at the Mercer County Conservation District office April 21st. 

Supplemental Material:
 We have developed a pamphlet that highlights the Shenango River geoWatershed Trail and its 12 EarthCaches.  It showcases each county within the watershed and places of interest to stop while geocaching.  This is available as a PDF on the homepage of the SRWT under the tab titled “Pamphlet”.  Feel free to print this out for reference.
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