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Programs - Soil & Water Management
Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control (Chapter 102)
Dam Safety and Waterway Management (Chapter 105)
Mercer County Conservation District cooperates with engineers, developers, contractors, municipalities, and regulatory agencies to ensure that Pennsylvania’s top pollutant (sediment) is managed to minimize adverse effects on local streams. We provide erosion control plan review and permit approval for earth disturbance activities associated with stream/wetland encroachments and land development projects. We recommend landowners enlist the services of a qualified professional early to perform site investigations, surveys, wetland determinations, preliminary planning, endangered species reviews, and obtain permits. Furthermore, we recommend that consultants contact us to arrange a pre-application meeting before undertaking large projects. This page is dedicated to providing landowners, contractors, and engineers with basic program facts and permit applications/forms.  

What is Required?
All earth disturbance projects must keep sediment from entering local streams by utilizing appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs)   
All earth disturbance projects disturbing 5,000 square feet or more must have written erosion and sediment control plans    
All activities which are located in, along or across or projecting into a watercourse, floodway or body of water OR changes, expands or diminishes the course, current or cross section of a watercourse, floodway or body of water require PA DEP Permits  
All earth disturbance projects 1 acre or more must obtain a NPDES Permit for Stormwater Associated with Construction Activities  
If you have any questions about your project and what permits may be required please contact us

Mercer County Conservation District 
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