Climate Education

The Mercer County Conservation District has been working with Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Powdermill Nature Reserve over the past year and a half on a project to discuss our changing climate and the effects on local communities. The Museum has been collaborating for some time in Pittsburgh Area on the CUSP Project (Climate and Urban Systems Partnership) and has asked us to work with them to expand the project with a focus on climate issues in more rural areas. This new project is known as CRSP (Climate and Rural Systems Partnership).

Climate and Rural Systems Partnership


Welcome to the Shenango CREST! We are a network of local organizations, businesses, groups, and nonprofits in northwestern PA and the surrounding regions. Through our collaborative network we strive to provide opportunities for climate education and open up the conversation about it within our surrounding communities.  These conversations are the foundation for fostering relationships and collaborations within our communities to identify, plan, and act on local climate change environmental impacts.

Below are the major goals of the network:

1)Define locally relevant environmental topics and issues impacting our communities

2)Address these local impacts through cooperative planning and environmental action

3)Provide a safe platform to talk about complicated issues including climate change

4)Build and establish valuable network connections and collaborative efforts

As a network we have identified 3 areas of concern at this point to focus in on; they are: stormwater and flooding resilience, agriculture and food production, and climate gardening (showcasing how land use impacts climate change). 


SCREST is now offering ‘mini-grants’ (up to $2,000 each) through a partnership with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, under a National Science Foundation grants #1906774 & #1906368. SCREST believes that creating opportunities to talk about and meet others who care about climate change will help to build a community that acts on climate change. Proposals will be accepted from June 15th, 2021 to June 1st, 2022 or until $10,000 has been awarded. Funds will be awarded on a rolling basis until all funds are awarded.

WHO CAN APPLY? Any organization/ group, or individual partnering with an organization

For How Much? Up to $2,000

Open? June 15, 2021- June 1, 2022

To view slides that introduce the SCREST Mini-Grant application process, click here.

To learn more and to download the application packet, click here.

For further questions, please call the MCCD office at (724) 662-2242.

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